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3 submachines build a carton packer
Cartonator is consisting of different modules which are listed below:-
TLM Box Erector – Has a swivelling blank magazine which is mounted to the front side of the machine instead of the otherwise standard safety doors. The actual magazine is an interchangeable part, meaning a size-dependent tool.
  • The box blanks are removed from the magazine using a TLM-F3 robot. The TLM-F2 robot guides the blanks over gluing nozzles and effects the erection process. The maximum number of card boards erected depends on carton size and style.
TLM Grouping machine - Assumes the job of picking up products which are fed on a continuously running conveyor belt as controlled by the Vision System and arranging them into product groups.
  • It is equipped for this with two TLM-F4 robots which carry individual filling tools. According to the application, products can also be placed directly into a packaging box
  • The output of the two TLM-F4 robots is approx. 200 transfer cycles per minute.
TLM Loading machine - Equipped with TLM-F2 robots which each carry an individual loading tool and remove product groups either from a TLM transmodule or a TLM grouping chain and place them into packaging boxes or a plastic tray.
  • The maximum number of cycles of a TLM-F2 robot is 30 transfer cycles per minute (depending on task and product) with a tool weight of up to 30 kg.
TLM closing Machine - Equipped with a TLM-F2 robot which carries an individual closing tool. In case the boxes have to be closed with a separate lid, the closing machine is equipped with a swivelling magazine.
  • The maximum lidding output is 25 cycles per minute, meaning 100 boxes per minute (depending on functions and size) can be closed with the maximum equipment of four closing tools. Higher closing outputs are possible with larger closing machines.
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