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Salesworth Synergies LLP. is an Agency house based in Bangalore, India dealing with pharmaceutical products for the healthcare industry. We are pleased to offer a wide range of Chemical Indicators (Class 1 to 6) from SteriTec Products, USA to suit your needs. Chemical Indicators are process indicators which give information on whether the process has been completed or not at the set physical parameters. They are paper strips coated with special inks, which change colour when exposed to heat, moisture and are widely used with every load during sterilization processes.

For use in pre-vacuum steamo sterilizers
Lead free, blue to black color change. Blue color remains if there is an airleak
Complete system of daily Bowie-Dick test reusable up to 30 times
Certificate of conformity enclosed-ISO compliant
Needs stainless steel holder

The latest technology in the Bowie-Dick product line
50 times smaller than Bowie-Dick test packs
Tests for air leaks as well as wet steam, superheated steam & non-condensable gases
Class 6 Emulator
Purple-to-green ink sterilant specific
Now Available for also 121°C/15 min sterilization cycle
Easy to interpret
Class 5 Integrators
Best Integrator for 121°C
Temperature specific
Multiple color change inks
Color change is permanent
Color interpretation guide available

Simple peel and stick
Shows only temperature change
An economical, inside-the pack or pouch Integrator to check time
temperature (2 parameters)
Yellow to brown color change
Lot number control
Easy to interpret