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DE.SY.RE: new non-glass-to-glass-contact handling system for perfect inspection results

In very fast inspection machines the maximum feed rate can represent a potential limiting factor. This is particularly the case with delicate containers such as glass syringes. The new DE.SY.RE handling system presented by Seidenader as a highlight at Interpack was designed for precisely such applications.

DE.SY.RE supplements the inspection machine with two modules: an upstream de-nester and a re-nester downstream of the inspection machine. Perfectly matched with one another, the three components form a powerful integrated overall solution: a high-speed, high-precision delta robot in the de-nester supplies the inspection machine with up to 600 containers per minute. An identical robot in the re-nester removes the syringes after inspection and places them back to the nests.

The key here is not just the high speed with which the robots work, but also their extreme precision. Thus, in particular, so-called "glass-to-glass contact" is reliably prevented. This makes it impossible for the delicate glass containers to jostle one another or even to touch during feeding. This prevents cracks in the side walls or chipping on the finger grip. In addition, the gentle, smooth handling of the products prevents the formation of air bubbles in the liquid, which minimizes the false reject rate.

The key to this high-speed, high-precision process is the many years of expertise in inspection that Seidenader has poured into the development of DE.SY.RE. This guarantees a feeding solution that is perfectly tailored to the inspection machine and the respective requirements on the one hand. On the other hand, the combination of inspection machine and feeding system also means no interfaces with third party providers – and thus a turnkey overall solution that offers the best inspection results.

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