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Portable CIP:
Used for automatic CIP of Fixed Tank, Portable Tank, Bioreactor, Chemical Reactor, Centrifuge, UF Skid, Piping.
Electrol Specialties Company has designed a unique portable CIP, (Clean in Place,) system, (patent #6,6161,558.) The design provides to the pharmaceutical/biotech industry a portable CIP system that can truly be called portable.
The model CIP2000E system provides full technical capabilities while maintaining a footprint that allows it to pass through a three foot wide doorway
Portable CIP accommodates flow rates to clean tanks from 1 to 4 feet in diameter.
The design provides a return line connection point less than 6 inches above the floor, which allows gravity return from a nearby tank or other equipment being CIP'd.
The model CIP2000E can be wheeled into place and hooked up in minutes with only one electrical connection to make, along with the CIP supply, CIP return and water connections(s).
The Portable CIP is self-cleaning and self-draining.
Highly reliable and repeatable process.
Single Use Eductor assisted CIP (SUEA)
ESC’s Proprietary Model SUEA is an Eductor-Assisted CIP System.
Eductor-Assisted CIP system designed to significantly reduce the water, chemical and utility requirements of CIP operations and the resulting effluent.
Used in the cleaning storage transportation & processing tanks, as well as extensive process piping systems.
It can support spray cleaning operation
At a flow rate of 160 gmp.
With little as 35 Gallons of water in system.

Higher flow rates (up to 160 GPM) and greater distances (up to 400 feet) are easily accommodated, with great fill volume.


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