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Thermal Mapping and Performance Qualification of Sterilizers : Go Wireless!!
Salesworth Synergies Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to introduce wireless data logging (Data Trace) for thermal mapping (heat distribution and heat penetration studies) and Validation of Moist Heat Sterilizers.

Why wireless?

The tedious task of placing wired thermocouples is time consuming and in some cases, virtually impossible (e.g., rotatable autoclaves). Wireless data loggers are very convenient as they can be placed anywhere inside the sterilizer without having to connect through a port in the sterilizer. Results are obtained quicker and difficult to reach areas can be accessed easily.

Thermal Mapping and Performance Qualification of Sterilizers

Our approach:

Salesworth will provide a robust protocol and thereafter conduct the heat distribution and penetration studies in  a systematic manner. The integrated software will provide reports which will include Fo values and help identify slow-to-heat points in the sterilizers. In the final validation step, Biological Indicators will be utilized during Performance Qualification to correlate Fo and FBIO values.

Customer Support:

Salesworth will co-ordinate the entire study with the concerned departments – Production / Engineering /QC/ QA. The observations and findings will be analyzed and a detailed report prepared.

Please contact us for pricing and procedure to get started with your Sterilizer Performance Qualification.

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